10 Best Cat Toys for Bored Cats to Keep Them Entertained

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When you are a pet parent especially of a cat, you know there’s a lot of attitude and sass to bear. Cats are just like kids even if they are all grown up. When bored, they will show you a lot of tantrums like scratching the furniture and wandering all over the house with sad or gloomy looks. These signs are a warning for the pet owners that their cats are feeling unhappy and want to be entertained. Being a pet owner you would definitely not want your cat to be bored. Luckily, there is a way to tackle the boredom of your cats. There are many best cat toys for bored cats that will help you keep your kittens engaged and amused.

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Remember, it is essential for you to take care for your pet’s emotional needs. Cats are very lively and playful by nature. They love playing with toys and nowadays a variety of toys are available in the market. These toys come in different styles and designs which makes it difficult for the pet parents to decide what to buy.
Therefore, to help you out, we have decided to enlist top 10 cat toys for your bored kittens. You can buy these toys from Amazon easily.

Top 10 Cat Toys

Our top picks are:
  1. Catnip-filled mice
  2. Tower of Tracks
  3. Feather Cat Wands
  4. Puzzle Feeder
  5. Rainbow Charmer
  6. Incline Cat Scratcher
  7. Spinning Cat Toy
  8. Turbo Roller
  9. Peek- A-Boo Cat Tunnel
  10. Playing mat
Now let’s discuss each cat toy in detail so that you can know their benefits and effectiveness.

Catnip-filled Mice

catnip-filled mice
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We all know about cat and mouse animosity. Remember Tom & Jerry? How Tom used to chase Jerry all the time. This is the reason that catnip mice are one of the best cat toys for bored cats. Your pet cats would love to play and use their hunting instincts on those mice. They are made up of pure ultra-potent catnip and cause a spike in the cat’s energy. They are known to reverse depression among cats and are very durable and long-lasting. If your cat is feeling bored, you can give it a bunch of catnip-filled mice and they will spend hours batting and carrying it.

Tower of Tracks

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It is natural for cats to become lazy and inactive in domestic environments. A tower of tracks with three colorful balls will keep them active and motivated. As these balls roll and spin in the tracks, they provoke the cats to chase them. The best part is, three cats can play with it at a time. Also, it improves the hunting reflexes of cats.

Feather Cat Wands

Feather Cat Wands
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Cats also love to play with feather wands. It keeps them entertained and feathers absolutely entice cats. It provides your cat a good workout as it keeps on hunting down the wand. You can give this wand to your cat daily for almost 10-15 minutes. However, you should be careful while using it because cats can tangle up in the wire if not monitored.

Puzzle Feeder

Puzzle Feeder
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If you want your cat to stay fit both physically and mentally then puzzle feeder is the best option among cat toys. It not only makes your pet cats active but smart as well. Puzzle feeders have been designed to boost the natural instincts of a cat. It works on the principle of effort and reward. You can place anything as a treat like crinkle balls, catnip or any food item in the puzzle box. The cat will use its mind to find the way to the treat and fetch it.

Rainbow Charmer

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The attractive colors of rainbow charmer makes it one of the favorite cat toys. They are affordable and catch the attention of cats very quickly. It is made up of a patterned fleece with rainbow colors and is attached to a stick. You can play with your cat by shaking and moving the stick wherever you want. Also, your cat can bite, claw and scratch the fleece.

Incline Cat Scratcher

Incline Cat Scratcher
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Cats have a habit of scratching furniture because it sharpens their claws and paws. To help your cat stay in touch with their wild instincts, you should buy this toy. Incline cat scratcher is made with renewable material and satisfies the scratching instincts of cats. Also, it comes with a catnip that works to capture your cat’s attention.

3-in-1 Spinning Cat Toy

3-in-1 Spinning Cat Toy
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A 3-in-1 spinning cat toy is an incredible device that has multiple functions. It can be used as a ball tumbler, laser pointer and a food dispenser. In this way, your cat can enjoy three different games with one toy. The tumbler in this toy spins in random patterns, pointing laser flashes for almost ten minutes. While the dispenser leaks cat treats as the toy spins.

Turbo Roller

Turbo Roller
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Turbo Roller is also one of the most interactive and best cat toys for bored cats. Cats love playing with this toy that consists of a battery-powered ball that keeps on rolling. The cats will try to catch the ball once it starts moving. It will keep your cats entertained for hours.

Peek-A-Boo Cat Tunnel

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Let’s give your cats an adventure with a peek-a-boo cat tunnel. It is a set of two or more tubes joined together to form a maize like structure. The material of the tunnel is soft and cozy which makes cats comfortable when they are inside it. Sometimes, cats also take a nap inside the tunnel while exploring because it is extremely comfy.

Playing Mat

Playing Mat
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You must have bought a playing mat for your babies to keep them engaged while you were busy. Well, cats are also like babies and can be entertained with a playing mat. The difference is, this mat consists of your cat’s favorite toys. While the cat relaxes on the mat and plays with the toys, you can perform your daily tasks.

We have picked these top 10 cat toys after a lot of research so that you don’t have to. Still, you can opt for other toys because you know your cat more than anybody. We have only tried to make things easier for you. All of these toys are easily available on Amazon. You can consider this listing while buying a toy for your bored cat.

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