Natural Supplements & Remedies for Dog’s & Cat’s Itchy Skin

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It is common to hear scratching sounds of your pets especially if you are a cat or a dog owner. Both cats and dogs are prone to itchy skin and there can be several reasons for it. Your pets will endlessly scratch their poor bodies, if suffering from allergy or bitten by a parasite. We have described all the possible causes of itchy skin among cats and dogs in our previous articles. You can read them for better understanding.

However, when it comes to treating the problem, many pet owners are clueless. They want to know the best way to deal with this challenging situation. Therefore, we have decided to enlist all the remedies and natural supplements in this article that can be an effective treatment option.

Natural Supplements & Remedies for Dog's & Cat's Itchy Skin

Natural Supplements to Treat Itching

Focusing on the diet is always the best approach to deal with any skin problem like itching. A good diet has the ability to reduce the allergic episodes among pets. You should give a high-quality diet to your pets that contains significant protein sources and less grains.

Mentioned-below are some of the natural supplements that promote the development of a healthy skin among animals. Therefore, make sure they are a part of your cat’s or dog’s diet particularly if they are getting itchy. But don’t forget to consult with a vet before using any supplement.

1.     Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that prevent the animal’s skin from drying and flaking. They also have anti-inflammatory properties which alleviate skin conditions. Since, dry skin is also a cause of itching in pets therefore you should add fatty acids in your pet’s diet.

2.     Omega -6 Fatty Acids (Linoleic Acid)

They are an integral component for various chemical reactions in the body. But, dogs cannot synthesize linoleic acid so it should be consumed through a dietary source. Linoleic acid will keep your pet’s skin normal and healthy. It is also good for cell membrane integrity and fat-soluble vitamin interactions.

3.     Vitamins

Different types of vitamins are required to keep the immune system of your pets strong and their skin healthy. Make the following vitamins a part of your pet’s diet;

Vitamin C: It is good for overall health. It acts as an antioxidant and helps in fighting against viral and bacterial infections. Vitamin C also aids in reducing the effect of allergy-producing substances. Therefore, it is good for animals with dermatitis or any skin allergy.

Vitamin E: It is an essential supplement because it stops vitamin A and fats stored in the body from breaking down and combining with other substances.

Vitamin A: It is beneficial for healthy skin and improves eyesight. It also plays a vital role in repairing the body tissues.

4.     Biotin

It is a natural supplement which is good for hair, skin and nails.

5.     Zinc

If your pet has zinc deficiency, it will be more susceptible to infections and skin irritation. So, don’t forget to add it in your pet’s diet.

Remedies for Itchy Skin

In this section we will discuss remedies that can be used to give your dog relief from itching.

Topical Products

Due to excessive scratching and itching, your pets can develop bare and red patches. In this condition, the skin is susceptible to infection. Therefore, use topical products like instant relief sprays or oatmeal shampoos. For a potent topical treatment, you should consult with a vet. He can prescribe the best product to curb itchiness.

Appropriate Diet

The most effective and essential remedy is improving your animal’s diet. It is the first thing to address if your pet is getting allergic and itchy. Add some basic supplements in its nutrition and you will see a major difference. We have mentioned the supplements above. In addition to this, do not choose the food that contains common allergens like wheat, soy, corn or beef. The dog or cat food should have the required fatty acids as active ingredients.

Immune Modulation

Your pet falls victim to allergy when its immune system gets awry. Its body starts attacking itself. In such a situation, it is necessary to modulate the immune system with the help of supplements. A vet can prescribe you some effective immune support supplements that can treat itch causing allergies.


Detoxification is crucial for animals that have been treated with steroids, antibiotics and antihistamines. You can use Chinese herbs for this purpose because they are great herbal and nutraceutical complexes for pets with allergies. They can cleanse and support the liver of pets and build their immune system too. In addition to this, you can also use detoxifying formulas according to your vet’s prescription.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are also helpful in treating itchy skin among cats and dogs. They work well when all the residual steroids and medications have been cleared from your pet’s body. They are effective for the treatment of redness, inflammation and oozing hot spot areas. You should visit a veterinarian to get a suitable prescription for homeopathic products.

It is a fact that natural remedies take a long time to show results. That’s why you need to be patient and persistent. Steroids are harmful for your pet’s body in the longer run. Therefore, prefer natural remedies to treat the itchy skin of your cats and dogs because they are very beneficial for your pet’s well-being. Do not forget to consult with a vet to get the best solution for your pet’s itching.