Causes and Remedies to Help Cats with Itchy Skin

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Itching is one of the most common issues among cats. In medical terms this condition is known as Pruritus. It causes an unpleasant sensation in the skin that provokes the cats to scratch their body. There can be different causes of itching among cats. It is important to figure out the real cause in order to find the most suitable solution because each cause has its own remedy.

Many cat owners face this problem but do not know how to fix it. Therefore, being the most reliable pets care platform we have decided to help you out. In this article, we will address the issue in detail and will explain the causes and remedies to help cats with itchy skin.

Read more and free your cats from this ordeal of excessive scratching and itching.

Causes of Itching Among Cats

There is a common perception that itching in cats is caused by fleas and ticks. However, this is not the case. There are many other causes of itching too. Have a look at some of the major causes of itching;

  • Fleas and ticks/ Insect bites
  • Dry skin
  • Allergies
  • Seasonal changes

Fleas & Ticks

The cats who go out a lot are prone to fleas and ticks which causes itching in them. When fleas bite the cat, their saliva causes a reaction in the cat’s skin which results in severe itching, bare spots or noticeable sores.

Dry Skin

It is also one of the main causes of itching among cats. There can be many reasons a cat can develop dry skin which include nutritional deficiency, low humidity and age.


Two types of allergies can cause itching among cats. These types include food allergy and environmental allergy (dust and pollen allergy).

Seasonal Changes

Your pet cats can get affected by the seasonal changes. They can develop allergies to some plants that grow at a certain time in a year or some particles in the air. You might have observed that your cats feel itchy at the same time every year. This is the sign that they are feeling allergic to seasonal changes.

Remedies for Itching Among Cats

In this section, we will discuss the remedy of each cause mentioned above.

Remedy for Fleas & Ticks

There are numerous ways to treat itching that is caused by fleas and ticks. You can use fleas & ticks control shampoos, collars or oral medicines prescribed by vets. Make sure to use the products that are specifically made for cats. Groom your cat regularly and take care of its skin and coat. You should also treat your yards and homes to keep the pest population under control and protect your cats from these parasites.

Remedy for Dry Skin

If your cat is getting itchy because of the dry or flaky skin, use a humidifier in the room where your cat stays the most. It is a quick remedy if your cat’s skin is showing reaction to low humidity. You can also use cat supplements, omega-3/omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E to treat dry skin. All these nutrients keep your cat’s skin healthy. Another solution is to use cat shampoos that contain oatmeal. These shampoos will reduce the skin itching among cats.

Remedy for Allergies

Itching caused by food allergies can be treated by changing the diet of a cat that is food sensitive. It will help in eliminating the skin problems. However, if your cat is getting itchy because of environmental allergies then visit a veterinarian. Because it can be difficult to discover what is causing allergy in your cat. Therefore, ask a vet for interim relief options. You can also use anti-itch remedies for example, hypoallergenic shampoos.

Remedies for Seasonal Changes

It is recommended to take your cat to a vet if it is getting itchy every year at the same time. A veterinarian can tell you better about the seasonal allergens that are affecting your cat’s skin. He/she can suggest you some sprays or shampoos that can provide instant relief. Also, they will perform some allergy tests to identify the actual allergen. Then it is your job to protect your cat from those causative agents.

This is the reason that we emphasize on regular veterinarian visits and grooming. A cat comes in contact with numerous things in a day especially if it wanders a lot. Being the pet owner, you have to take care of its skin. Check it daily for cuts, redness, lumps, fleas, dryness and flakes. If there is any sign of an issue, visit the vet as soon as possible because all these things can cause severe itching among cats. You can treat itching effectively only if you know the underlying cause. For this purpose, it is essential to visit a vet.