Checklist For Your Pet Dog’s Grooming Supplies

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Once you make a cute little puppy a part of your family, it becomes your responsibility to groom it regularly. Dog’s grooming is essential to keep it healthy and happy. However, grooming is not about brushing or baths only. It involves everything that keeps your dog clean, presentable and well-groomed. You will have to clean its teeth, ears and fur too. Clipping its nails and coat is also a part of a dog’s grooming routine. While grooming your dog, you will also face problems like skunk smell or matted hair.

Therefore, to perform this job in the best way possible, you need some basic tools or grooming supplies. In this article, we will provide you a checklist for some essential dog’s grooming supplies that you must have if you are a dog owner.

Check out the list and see what you have and what you need!

Basic Dog’s Grooming Supplies

A variety of dogs grooming supplies are available in the market at very reasonable prices. Let’s have a look at some of the most basic supplies that can be used to groom every dog breed. You are going to need a;

  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Dog shampoo & conditioner
  • Tooth brush
  • Toenail clipper
  • Forceps & gauze
  • Electric clipper


A comb is an important grooming tool used for regular combing. It comes in different tooth sizes. A wide-toothed comb can be used to untangle the mats and is good for dogs with thick hair. A medium-toothed comb is good for all-around combing and fine-toothed comb is appropriate for dogs with thin hair. In addition to this, there is a flea comb available in the market too that is used to remove fleas and tangles.


Regularly brushing your dog’s coat is also a part of its grooming routine. Regardless of the breed of your dog, whether it is a Poodle mix or a Dalmatian, you should brush its coat daily. For this purpose, you can use a slicker brush as it is useful for all kinds of brushing. But if your dog has short hair, it is preferable to use a curry brush. Pin brush is appropriate for dogs with long and single coats.

Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Giving your pet dog a bath is necessary to keep it clean and healthy. You should give your dog a bath after every 4-8 weeks depending on its breed.

  • You will need a pH-balanced dog shampoo and a conditioner for this purpose. It will wash away all the dirt and debris stuck in its coat.
  • In case your dog has fleas, you can use flea shampoo to eliminate them because normal shampoo will not affect them.
  • A waterless shampoo can also be used if you don’t want to give a full-fledge bath to your dog. It helps in removing light dirt and odor problems.


Being a dog parent, you have to clean its teeth too because oral health is also necessary for proper grooming. Use a toothbrush and a toothpaste that is made specifically for dogs. Your dog can eat properly only if its canines are in best health. So, brush its teeth daily.

Toenail Clipper

Toenail clippers are also one of the most important dog’s grooming supplies. It is used for nail trimming which is beneficial for both the dog and its owner. Dogs can scratch you or your furniture with their untrimmed nails. Also, nails if not clipped on time can cause paw deformity. Therefore, toenail clipping is necessary for your protection and for your dog’s health too.

Pro tip: Incase, you have clipped the nail too close, use a styptic powder. This powder helps in stopping bleeding.

Forceps & Gauze

Along with nails, teeth and hair, it is fundamental to clean a dog’s ears too. Ear cleaning should also be a part of your pet dog’s grooming routine. By using forceps and gauze you can clean your dog’s ears. Do not plunge the cotton ball into the ears because it can push the dirt deeper into the ear. Nowadays, a special ear wash solution is available for dog’s ears.

Electric Clipper

Last but not the least, an electric clipper is also a primary tool used for dog’s grooming. It has detachable blades and Snap-on combs that cut/clip the dog’s coat shorter. Clipping the coat during summertime is a common practice among dog owners. Also, it transforms the look of your dog.

Now you must be aware about all the basic dog’s grooming supplies that should be in your “doggy spa kit.” Use this checklist as a reference and see what you are missing. Here, we would like to mention that dog grooming supplies can vary from breed to breed and you should buy grooming tools according to your dog’s breed. However, the tools mentioned above are basic and common. They can be used for dogs of all kinds. You will find all these supplies easily at Amazon. So, gather all the essential tools and start grooming your furry friends regularly.