15 Things and Tips I Wish I knew before getting a Cat or a Kitten

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This article is amazing for those of you that are thinking about getting a cat and not sure exactly. Let us discuss what you should know before getting one. These 15 Things and Tips you Wish you knew before getting a Cat or a Kitten will be helpful for you.


The first thing that I wish I knew before adopting a cat was that they’re a big responsibility. Adopting a kitten is a great responsibility. They need full attention if you adopt them between 6 weeks or younger. You might have to bottle feed them and even feed them 4 times a day.

If you’re not up for that type of responsibility then I would recommend adopting an older cat.

Feed Correct Diet

it’s important to feed your cat a correct diet. Cats are obligate carnivores so ninety-five percent of what they eat should be protein. It is important to feed your cat a high-quality food because this avoids vet visits and vet visits are expensive we all know.

Urinary obstruction in Cats and Kittens

If cats develop urinary obstruction, it got so bad that he needed surgery and it will cost you $1700  or even get up to $4,000.

why did this occur you may ask? because you were feeding them dry food. Lots of cats have been dry food throughout their lives and have no problems but one of our sticks to avoid this. I recommend feeding your cat wet food. Wet food helps them become more hydrated and use the bathroom more often than eating drily dehydrated.

Litter Box

Cats / are not like dogs they don’t go outside to do their business. You need a litter box and litter boxes are not stinky people are stinky. After your cat to use the litter box you have to go and clean it. If you don’t. It’s gonna stink up your house or whatever you have the litter box and that’s not pleasant. Also if you don’t clean your litter box frequently your cat won’t use it.

Cats are naturally very clean animals. If it seems that where it’s supposed to go to the bathroom is all dirty and smelly, it’s gonna be like you know what I’m not gonna use the bathroom here and that’s gonna poop on one of your pretty rugs.

Cats Territory / Cats Home

Introducing cats to other cats or even other animals such as dogs, bunny, rabbits, and whatever you have is not the easiest thing. You need to be very patient. Cats are very territorial by nature and if you just bring another animal into their home they’re going to feel threatened can’t just bombard the two animals. You have to bring your cat to its new home.

Quite Place

Make sure, it’s in a quiet place so it’s not nervous and frightened by noises all around. what I recommend is keeping it in a small room or a small bathroom for at least a few days until it gets acclimated to its environment.

Avoid Cow Milk

when you have your kitten in at home, you might think oh let me give it some milk because it’s small and you know it doesn’t have its mama. Do not give a kitten or a cat cow’s milk. The majority of cats are lactose intolerant, giving them milk will make them have a terrible day. Just avoid cow milk at all times. If you get a small kitten you need to be feeding it kitten formula milk.

Cat Treats

Cats have long nails and they continue to grow them out their entire life. You must have a scratching post or a cat treat, it’ll void them scratching your furniture. Because if cats still have a scratching post they’re gonna scribe to your bed your couch your TV whatever they can get their hands on.

Cat’s Lifespan

Before adopting, it’s important to know cats’ lifespan. Cats can live up to 13 to 17 years and some cats even lived till 20 years. Be sure that you want this companionship and please make sure that you are ready to have this beautiful feline for almost two decades.

Feeding Schedule

when you have your cat or your kid in at home, it is important to develop a feeding schedule. I feed my cats in the morning and at night twice a day. There are other people that feed them three times a day for less quantities. It’s very important to not free feed your cat because that will cause obesity. Cats love to eat if you have food lying around every day and every minute. They’re going to get fat and then if they get fat, they have the potential risk of becoming obese and that would just lead to a whole bunch of medical bills that you just really don’t want

Fresh Water

It’s important for cats to have clean water every single day. So make sure you clean out their water bowl and give them fresh water. Water can potentially become contaminated by various of things so you want their water to be constantly fresh.

Spend Quality Time

Cats are usually always gonna cling to one person, if you want that person to be you. You need to spend lots of quality time with your cat or kitten. Playing with them daily with a little feather toy, it really does help you create a bond with your kitten or cat and it’ll feel a lot more comfortable with you.

Not to Decline

A very important thing to not do to a cat is declined. Decline is equivalent to knuckle in a human, Please avoid this at all cost. It’s a very traumatizing to your cat. Also their nails every three weeks to keep them trimmed, this will avoid all those scratching problems.

Plants that are Toxic to your Cats

Before getting a cat, you should know that there are lots of plants that are toxic to your cats. These plants that I’m going to put right over here. Can lead to allergies intoxication and even death. So there’s a serious matter please avoid all these plants at all costs.

Things you should have

Before you get a cat it’s important to have everything:

  • You want to have their litter box set up.
  • You want to have their food.
  • You want to have their bowls their bed

Everything you don’t want to bring a cat:

Home being unprepared because that would just make this whole experience much more difficult for you and for the cat .

Clean Cat’s Teeth

A lot of people don’t know that you’re actually supposed to clean your cat’s teeth. At least once a week just like humans. If you don’t properly clean a cat’s teeth they will develop cavities and bad breath.

All in all be patient, when it comes to your cat. Cats are not dogs and you know what that makes them unique. They’re different and cats are truly amazing pet. Yeah it takes patience but we need patience for everything in life