Shiloh Shepherd Dog Breed – An Updated Version of German Shepherd

Shiloh shepherd is a new dog breed. It was developed to be a perfect version of German shepherd in this article we will full review about Shiloh Shepherd.

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This dog is developed from German shepherd and this is really a new dog breed. From 1970s. There breeders did not want to create new dog breed. They just wanted to preserve that type of GSD, As they remembered from their childhood that GSD changed a lot and they are still changing and some people like breeder of GSD thinks that the change is not a good thing but in 1990s a new dog breed registered by AKCNCI a biggest kennel class and the breed was named Shiloh Shepherd.

Weight and Height

Shiloh Shepherd Updated Version of German Shepherd have powerful appearance and they have really big jaws. They are around 75cm tall and weight around 55Kg, so they are much bigger than GSD but other than that their work is very similar.

Type of Coats Available:

There coats come in two varieties plush and smooth, Shiloh are double coated dogs their coats are always very thick. That makes them great for outside living and colder climate. One of the most beautiful thing is the coat mane around the neck, they come a lot of different colors for example black and tan, beige reddish and gray. There are beautiful colors has one big disadvantage is they are heavy shredders.
They shed all along and they shed a lot. It does not matter if you have smooth or plush coated shepherd. They shed just normal, be prepared for this one because you are getting Shiloh Shepherd and your vacuum cleaner has a lot of work.

Intelligent and Easy Trainable:

It will not be surprising when I tell you these dogs are very intelligent and trainable. They are great courageous companions and will protect you when needed. Shiloh are also pretty confident which makes socialization and training little bit easier. This dog over all loyal calm and easy going dog and neither no so surprising in fact they need regular exercising, they are not like super hyper active breed so they not need a walk for every single day but they need around their energy special when they are younger. Since they are very intelligent try to combine physical exercise, training and mental activity. I will guarantee you the Shiloh will love it since they are not hyperactive dogs but they are active.
They are not on Belgian Malinois level of Effectiveness. we can say they are active bit not hyperactive. That is why they make good apartment Companions. Of course if you will live with childish Shepherd in apartment, you must exhaust their energy every day. If you don’t want them to break your apartment apart.
Well the best place to live with Shiloh Shepherd is a house with a garden where he can go outside or inside because they really like both.

Most Common Question:

One of the most common question about Shiloh Shepherd is what is the difference between them and German Shepherd?

Difference between Shiloh and German Shepherd?

Well as we said they are much bigger, but more important other differences in their temperament Shiloh Shepherd is Much more easygoing that calmer softer. They are the more laid-back breed while German Shepherd needs more work to do. German Shepherd is also more independent and strong weld dog. Their health is little bit problematic because they suffer from some serious health problems. They have problems have hips and elbows and they do suffer from dysplasia. They also suffer from stomach disorders. So you might test different food types and Brands until you find the right one. They also suffer from bone diseases as you can see there are some advantages and some disadvantages of owning a Shiloh Shepherd.